Corona Diary: Day 336

Good day survivors!

Y’all probably think you’re wearing the mostest bestest, mostest fanciestest facemasks available in order to survive this Covid thing. And, oh, you’re wrong. Soooo wrong! Look what I found in Leenda’s blawg:

Too bad our fave Frenchies of Daft Punk split up. With a PPE mask like this you could’ve applied for band membership, no prob.

Why are they reporting about the Budget 2021 in the first place? SA was never really well-off, due to the pandemic there ain’t anything left to fight talk about, no expectations to be had. Get it! SA inches towards the 50,000 casulties milestone. Looking forward to the jubilee party? But nice to know that the social medias are alive and well and buzzing with activity.

Fuk dat! 😐

Oh, and quite befitting my rotten mood today lemme show you another tidbit of info I also found in Leenda’s bloggy:

So the mutations are all coming from dirty shitholes in Asia and Africa, right?

People, we gotta say it again: This Coronashit ain’t over yet. Not by a long run! Let’s not become sloppy and careless now. Please!


Cya laterz


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