Corona Diary: Day 334

Law enforcement enforces the law!

What I don’t get is … how does a situation escalate so badly people have to be arrested? I mean, ok, KwaZulu Natal is a black majority province where people don’t really care if they live or die but just imagine the amount of shouting matches before the cops lose their patience and arrest anyone! 😮

For example if it was me they find without a mask I’d be like “Ooopsie, forgot my mask in the van, let me get it quickly.” I guess you’d do the same since you’re clever and sexy and a helpful adult with some common sense and a healthy survival instinct. Situation back to normal, everybody happy. 😉

Those 10,000 covidiots must’ve been SuperKarens or drugged funny haha black guys. With asshole people like these living on the same planet with us it’s really no wonder if Covid-19’s gonna stay with us a while longer and kill many more people. 😦

And here we have a first-hand report about the vaccination experience:

Singh told IOL that she kept an account of her experience because she wanted to create awareness and to help society at large to mitigate the fear and scepticism surrounding the vaccine.

“I understand the process of vaccination and similar to other vaccines, I anticipated some side effects. I also know that strong side effects indicate a good immune response,” she said.

Here is her detailed account of her vaccine experience:

Thursday 18 February 2020

11:45: Followed all the preliminary documentation and protocols to enable me to receive the vaccine.

Temp: 36.6°

Phew! Our moment as frontline health workers has arrived.

Feeling blessed and a deep sense of gratitude. We are no longer defenceless against the Coronavirus. This feeling is juxtaposed with anxiousness of receiving the vaccine and the possibility of side effects.

12:15: Seated at the vaccination station. Greeted by a smiling face Sister Jabu, administered the vaccine- painless. What a pleasurable experience.

Wanting to act like a true millennial a selfie and a few pictures were captured to document this historic event.

Proceeded to the designated observation area.- 15 minutes later exited the vaccination site and returned to the physiotherapy department.

14:30: Felt rather flushed a colleague tested my temperature, now 37.1° -an increase noted and continued with treating patients.

17:00: Mild headache, nothing serious able to cope with activities at home.

20:00: The headache intensified and now a mild sore throat and extreme fatigue, at this stage I took a Pando.

20:30: Extreme fatigue – retired to bed.

Friday 19 February 2020

01:00: Woke up feeling cold and sweating, experiencing rigors.

Got out of bed dressed into winter pajamas and socks added a blanket to the bed – hoping the extra warmth would stop the shaking.

The body pains and aches intensified been alone was now SCARY. My mind kept thinking about how patients coped with these symptoms.

Anxiety levels increased and I kept telling myself that these symptoms are good, it meant that my body was responding to the vaccine.

03:00: Still awake and the myalgia (body pains) intensified. Did some deep breathing exercises and fell asleep.

05:00: Rose from my slumber to get ready for work, felt like a bus hit me.

Body ached, felt tender. There would be no morning yoga. My quadriceps hurt along with my lower back.

At the pace of a snail I got ready for work.

08:40: Started feeling flushed, waterey eyed. My colleague did a temp check, temp 37°8 (low grade pyrexia).

Had some fluids and proceeded with work.

9:22: Experienced light-headedness and fatigue, this time the thermometer beeped and flashed red, temp 38.7°

Proceeded to sit down had some fluids a few deep breaths and the body ache intensified.

10:30: Informed my manager that I was feeling ill- and left work.

11:00: Home- routine decontamination in the garage showered had 2 Panados and fell asleep.

15:00 Awoke feeling rejuvenated, temp subsided, feeling good.

18:00: Felt well, back to normal. Then suddenly the body aches started and a fever again.

20: 00 : Dressed warmly, added a blanket, took 2 more Panados and fell asleep.

Saturday 20 February 2020

05:00 Awake this morning, feeling rejuvenated! Energy levels returned to normal.

Temp 36,6°

Sure as the sun would rise in the east and set in the west, a new day dawned and 72 hours later I am symptom FREE!

God is good all of the time!

Despite these side-effects and the inconvenienced experienced the potential benefit of a vaccine out weights the discomfort and disarray.

Please don’t be discouraged by the potential side effects. Knowledge is power, knowing that you can experience side effects and what some of them are would enable symptomatic treatment.

I actually implore my fellow South Africans and humanity at large to vaccinate.


Implore all you want bish, I won’t go! More proof of the vaccine’s innocuousness is needed and demanded by me. Else phuk oph!

Cya peepels laterz



  1. My proof is the hundreds of thousands who’ve already rec’d shots. That’s a good enough “clinical trial” for me. There are some serious reactions but it’s <1%. The Moderna shot triggers a temp allergic reaction to lip filler. Do you know how many people is SoCal have lip filler?!?

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    • Your proof sounds good but I’m healthy and afraid of the side-effects. Let’s not forget that girl in the article is a physiotherapist in a hospital. She knows pain and how to deal with it. I’m not. And hubby is a man … and disabled … uh oh. 😦

      In SoCal I assume there’s a lot of lip filler. Particularly among the female population. Must be more lip filler than rainwater. 😉

      Here in SA we have the AstraZeneca and now the assumedly better Johnson & Johnson. All of them haphazardly developed, hardly tested and with unknown side effects. Nobody knows how they react with an autoimmune disease like hubby’s Multiple Sclerosis. 😐


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