What a Lame Day

Methinks I’m complaining too much. A day can’t be lame, logically. If we perceive a day as lame isn’t it time to ask ourselves what we did in order to make the day less lame? Isn’t it, in reality, ourselves who are the lame, boring fuckers?

Best – or worst – example would be me. I was bored in RL, so I checked into SL. There is always something to do, most of the time even too much to do and to organize. So I started quite strongly and deleted roundabout a gazillion Group Notices and then … and then and then … nothing. 😦

I could, and I should have, gone sailing on my new B22, which is already docked at the “clubhouse”. Yes, the one with the fancy EndeavourOS graphics (thank you again, Bianca), I could also have gone exploring the grid, shopping for new hairs and mesh clothes, operated on my avie, rezzed some more shit on our new TrYC (?) docks and oh so much stuff.

Did I do any of it? Naaaw. I sat down in the deck chair and frowned upon what a stupid lame day this is. And then I logged off again.

And it was still a lame day. And it’s all my own fault, nobody to blame but myself. 😦

Fortunately the fridge is depleted of any foodstuff, so I’m kinda forced to be less lame now and go on a huge food haul.

Cya laterz



    • Came with the bento mesh body and is available also with other designs and less see-through. πŸ˜‰
      I urgently need to go shopping now that Orca made the jump into the 21st century.

      Tell me, how’s the Minty Goodness treatin’ you so far, in the medium-long run?


    • Trap’s sold it! They made renal spaces even in the lagoon … I wasn’t there in a couple weeks. TrYC, or whatever wiill be TrYC’s successor has found new land? Don’t you read Orca her blawg? It’s all in there.


  1. FFS does trap have no idea about how many LMs i have for triumphal ??? who is going to delete them all??? laughs Just so you know Orcsy, in froggyland , not allowed between 6 am and 6 pm. been li,e that for ages. However, seems sarcosy isn’t allowed out for year laughs xxxxx

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