Corona Diary: Day 333

Is that a semi-satan?

Mornin’ my beautifuls!

Not much to report today, but on a day with such a number we can’t just sit it out, right?

Somewhere in South Africa this Karen claims it’s her legal right not to wear a mask. Ok, right. It’s also her constitutional right to be a stupid @$$hole. It’s also the store’s right to deny her admission and our all’s civic right to just ignore her fuked up opinion. I consider it a civic duty to also bitchslap that silly woman into oblivion!

I wonder how she could slip past the security guy in the first place but that’s another topic for another day.

In fact as of February 1, failing to wear a mask in public is a direct criminal offence which could see offenders jailed for up to six months.

Karen talking to a manager!

Enuff Covid for one day!

Cya laterz



  1. We have a LOT of those Karens. I love the whole “MY RIGHT” argument but they don’t believe the store has the RIGHT to refuse service. Somehow, being allowed to shop where they want is also their RIGHT. All about them.

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