Don’t Be Like Orca!

Don’t do as Orca does!

Ladies and boys, what you see here is a cold and very uääärglll non-lekker McD’s Quarterpounder Cheese, left over from last night’s “dinner”. Orca abuses herself by eating this shit for breakfast. 😦

Keep in mind: Orca is a trained stuntwoman, she feels no pain and no shame.

Don’t do that, kidz! Don’t be like Orca. You really deserve better. And the world deserves a better You!

And just as I am typing this … the internet goes down again. 😦

Don’t look there, stupid. Your ONI is not to blame.

… and our complex’ street committee WhatsApp group is going bonkers:

Ok, not bonkers, these catz are cool.

Anyhoo, punctually at 9:32 …

… our ISP is online again! Pheew. 😉

Okok, I have to admit hubby has joined WhatsApp. Just to become member of the complex group, he says. And it’s already proven useful. At least we knew pretty fast that it wasn’t just us but a nationwide fibre outage. Or sumfink. 😮

But now I’ve put away that stupid telephone and can play with a real computer again! 🙂


    • Don’t get me wrong, Neil, Mickey D’s ain’t a regular staple in our diet neither. But yesterday night we both had a craving for some fatty buggaz. And their apple pie is actually kinda amazing!

      And driving to McD’s during a lockdown has some special feeling about it. Because next week they could be closed again. 😮

      But congratz on your 20 years sober! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • “you knocked me off the wagon.”

      Oh! 😮 Ooopsie!
      Sorry for that. I hope the whopper and O-rings could ease your pain a little bit. BK is a much better choice than Mickey D’s anyway.


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