Our Suburb

Oh my. Ohmyohmy …

Eskom! You fukn unholy fux!!! 😐

Not only have they to swap out all their management every 2 or 3 years because they are all in prison for stealing the money, not only is Eskom totally broke, not only are they loadshedding very often, now they leave SA’s sole nuclear power plant to rot and crack and leak! 😮

Reminds me of an incident that happened in 1986 in the Ukraine. Remember?

Moscow: “Tchernobyl, your instruments show alarming figures.”

Tchnernobyl: “Not to worry, Moscow. We have the party … uh, situation totally under control.”

Moscow: “Uh, Tchernobyl, are you guys drunk?”

Tchernobyl: “Moar powah!!!”

Moscow: “STOOOP! You’re overloading the system!”

Tchernobyl: “MOAR POWAH!!!”

Moscow: “You guys! This will end in tears. :(”

Tchernobyl: Moscow, you can trust us. We’re trained stuntmen!”

Moscow: “The fuck??? :o”

Tchernobyl: *B00M*

Ummmm … sorry but the nuke thingy is built much too close to residential areas. And you know who lives there? Yes, your fukn blogbish. 😦

Nuke –> Orca = ~20 km 😦

That thing’s falling apart and cracks up but it’s no cause for alarm? Yes, I believe an operation of with half their leadership rots in jail! Oh yes, I believe in them so much! Nice guys, and always concerned about delivering power to the people. :/

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