Corona Diary: Day 329

Hey guys!

While the smug Europeans still don’t really know when or from where they will receive the outdated Astra Zeneca vaccine – which they funded fully – in poor backwoods wannabe country, the shithole South Africa, the second batch of vaccines has already arrived. After AstraZeneca now they got the assumedly better Johnson & Johnson vaccine for another million shots or so.

Germans, watch this and weep, and then call your chancellor and tell her she may lic…

“No media access was granted.” Ok, so who shot the video?

And today Papa Smurf and his druglord are already volunteering as lab rats in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Good logistic effort by the world’s worst planners:

“Our healz wekkaz are protected!”

And a lot of blahblah …

WP Premier Alan Winde of the Democratic Alliance white people party sends out mixed messages, as usual. In the past weeks and months he spoke out against closure of the beaches and businesses and drove up infection rates with his popularistic politics, and now he’s the hero corona fighter all of a sudden. What a friggin assclown. 😦

What do you guys think? We’re no assclowns, no? We’re brave. And we’re actively fighting the fuxn virus by staying at home, wearing our masks (yes, we’re healthy, who cares?), sanitize, social distance, and don’t be nuisances in the healing process of our respective countries.

Hope to cya’ll healthy and in good spirits again tomorrow!


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