Corona Diary: Day 328

Good afternoon fellow Coronas!

Sorry for reporting so late today, we had an internet outage of sorts. All neighbours, the whole complex, maybe the whole street or possibly the complete suburb. Anyhoo, neigbour told me the good old trick of unplugging the ONI, plugging back in … et voila! \o/

Internet is out! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Ok, what happened on the Covid front?


Gotz meself a new mask. No fashion thingie, and no medical mask neither but supposed to be a sporty sports mask. See:


Breathing is easy with that thing, and I guess my voice is less muffled as well. Cool thing, with the velcro in the back I can also keep the mask around my neck when I’m alone or driving Oubaas. No more taking mask off, and forgetting it in the van when entering the mall, and all the annoying stuff. I guess you all have similar stories to tell about those awkward mishaps, right?

So, what else?

Rumours say the J&J vaccine will arrive next week … but they’re keeping the Astra Zeneca schmutz anyway. =^.^=

1169 + 159 dead teachers! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Don’t you think they should keep the schools closed? Not for the kidz; they mostly won’t even notice they have Covid and showing no symptoms. But adults are highly susceptible. If I was a teacher I’d refuse to go to work. Particularly now that we’re entering the second wave! … umm, I thought we’re already in the second wave since November. ๐Ÿ˜

This is all much too many mixed messages for my taste. Does the second wave even still play a role in the greater scheme of things? Or was it made redundant by the advent of various new Covid-19 variants?

Fuk me, I don’t care. I refuse very selfishly to be a kid, a doctor, a teacher or politician. It’s their jobs making sense of all the news and figure out the noise to signal ratio. What I’m gonna do is just keeping on sanitizing, keeping clean, eat healthy, social distancing and wearing my chic new mask.

I hope y’all are doing the same and stay out of my hair and my house. Good. We can be friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

cya laterz



    • You speak sense, Linda. But notice the orientation in which I put the vents? Backwards, not to the front. I hate it when people sneak up on me from behind. Today it happened again, one vagrant beggar was walking behind me, talking very loudly, trying to get my attention. I shouted at him, told him that in the human race we approach each other straight, face to face, and I have no time for his lengthy and no doubt sobby story that always ends with them asking for money, and asked him to kindly fuk off go away!


    • /me nods Mhm, you better not. After living in Africa for a while longer – say a week or so – you’ll develop a natural uneasyness towards their shifty crookedness. And so fuxn lazy. They never approach you from the front but always from behind or the side. ๐Ÿ˜

      My faves are the hobos sitting at crossroads. You’re trying to focus on the traffic, and they shout at you, wanting to start a conversation/tell you a sobby story/beg for money. And of course they always shout; normal conversational volume is not in their range.


        • You’re American – or as your people spell it, your American – so you fit right in indeed. In both cultures. ๐Ÿ™‚


          • Hey… don’t include me with the inability to know your/you’re, or there/their/they’re!! I admit I screw up sometimes in posts but that’s because I’m finger “typing” on a phone and have to think about key locations and my phone’s habit of typing things for me. It loves “ccx”, whatever that is, and goid (good) and foid (food).

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            • “there/their/theyโ€™re”

              Isn’t it thur as an overarching term?

              BTW, I tried to send my first, very very brief, message to a WhatsApp group, half an hour ago. Only reason the phone didn’t leave the house by way out the window – it’s hubby’s, not mine. Typing on a touchscreen phone is the wurstest experience ever!


              • LOL!! I don’t recall what I was doing 2 days ago but my personal pc very very nearly met a wall at high speed. It should be noted that the pc is a replacement for the prior one that met a wall at very high speed. Several phones have met the same fate. A mini scanner (for 1″ polaroids) met a hammer.

                I was EXTREMELY proud that I didn’t throw, slam, or break the pc!!

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                • Hah! Can’t and won’t happen with any PC in our house. Those machines, desk- and laptops, are all proudly powered by ArchLinux and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Not more, not less. If anything on any of our computers don’t work right we know it’s 103% user error. ๐Ÿ˜

                  … “don’t work right”? Jeezuz, I’m hanging out too much with all youse American lot, slowly turning into a southern belle. ^.^


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