Congratz BTW.

And I mean it. I’m glad for him. He didn’t deserve to be impeached. Not for the storm on the capitol. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Trump like the next person, like everybody hates him. He’s a disgrace for politics, for America, for humanity and everything. An intolerable troll.

But what the dems did to themselves and to America with that impeachment farce was even more harmful than everything Trump did throughout his time in office. Every thinking person on the planet, even the US loyalists, are questioning their stand on America now, most are so bewildered and grossed out they are starting to hate and object to, or at least ignore everything the United States are doing.

You know my stance on politicians overall: After the total failure of global politics to save humanity from Covid-19, I can not recommend anyone to ever cast their vote for any politician ever again! No matter if their name is Trump or Biden or Hitler. Just don’t trust any of those clowns to take the correct decision as soon as some lobbyists are convincing them the national economy is more important than your puny life or every other life on the planet. 😦

Not that European politicians and media are any better, they just don’t make such big productions of their failures.


    • I’m not talking about the system, Neil. I’m quite the convinced socialist minded democrat. I just removed my trust from the politicians, all of them. And until see a new breed, one more honest, and less compromised, less selfish bunch, I’ll refrain from voting.

      What we need are politicians with ideology! No wibbly wobblies.

      Anyhoo, I couldn’t vote if I wanted. In SA we’re not eligible to vote (I don’t think) and in Germany we’re never there when there are elections. And having the mailvote paperwork filled out and sent back n forth or vote at the German embassy is just too complicated.

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        • You believed in politicians to begin with? According to one of my profs at Uni, they are whores who work for votes and you have to make sure they won’t simply keep you happy by gifting you a puppy 🐶 You have to value your own vote and trade it wisely. Keeping in mind that nobody cares about your wellbeing… besides yourself that is. And if someone doesn’t follow through on promises, you complain directly to their office and next time vote for another that offers a better deal.

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          • “vote for another that offers a better deal.”

            Sorry, can’t do that since I have something called ideology.That means I follow a certain political line, no matter if my party’s candidate is the most sexy or if their program will be more expensive for me as a taxpayer.

            But I’ll happily accept the puppy! 🙂

            Also when I was young we still had politicians one could believe in. Our German chancellor Willy Brandt for example was a resistance fighter in the Norwegian underground during WW2, a man of great integrity. And the socialdemocratic party did still care about worker’s and employee’s rights and was heavily interwoven with all the unions. Came time to cast your vote you just had to decide if you wanted to be a capitalist asshole or a decent person.

            Oh the world was so much simpler back then. 😐


              • 😮
                But but butbutbut … University! Professor! A professor at a university ffs!!! It shouldn’t be his job to influence young and impressible minds into voting for what he deems best. At the age ppl start uni we’re usually expected to have a firm socio-political value system.

                I know I was 12 or 13 when I joined the Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ).
                From that moment on I was lost for all influencers.


                  • The youth of today is just hopeless. 😦

                    That’s why there is no solidarity and fight in them. They are just cattle and easily driven to the abbatoir. 😮 And big tech can do whatever they fancy and populist assholes getting votes and the middle class is dying and countries are replaced by corporations and human rights flushed down the toilet. 😦

                    Chances of hubby and me retiring to China are getting higher each day.


                    • Yea…while I agree on done stuff, me and China won’t be mixing anytime soon. Me and the Communism Party of China’s have many points of contention… but I draw the line at destroying national treasures 😑 their ancestors must be cursing themselves for beating fruit to such savages. Anything to do with the destruction of irreplaceable items, count me out! During the Mao period, this is all they did in their zealousness, and I still cannot forgive. 😤

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                  • “I was using my phone”

                    Arrrgs! Why o why?
                    Why are you using a telephone to do a computer’s job?
                    Does it at least show my bloggy kinda ok-ish?

                    And what national treasures did the commies destroy? Far as I know that fukn loooong wall is still intact.


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