Corona Diary: Day 323


Mornin’ fraggelz, the sound you just heard was a deflating Orca. Wotz wrong today? No love letters, no important or funny news from around the world, no energy to log into SL, no sign of my upgraded MiniMax coming home to mommy soon … it’s a fukin lame day. :/

This is MiniMax’ fancy new AMD motherboard! As you can clearly see the two RAM channels are much too long to accept SO-DIMMs.

Imagine that: The Gigabyte agent gave my computer repair lady the wrong RAM for the motherboard! Idiots gave her laptop RAM instead of the real one. Whaaaaaa…? Aren’t they the official importers for Gigabyte? Shouldn’t they know what RAM matches what board? Did they think M-ITX = laptop motherboard? Idiots much?

This is the correct RAM as ordered and quoted

First time ever I grabbed into the top shelf for any computer spares. And then … fuxn stupid Africans have to fux it up. 😦

This is SO-DIMM laptop RAM. Won’t fit in any real computerz!

Anyway, hubby was complaining about his Logitech M185 mouse, so we got him a new one: G305. Much nicerer.

As you can see the weather is much too nice to be wasted on puny humans. That’s why we stay in. 😐

Even Covid-19 has stopped being fun now and is just a major nuisance:

Honestly, who cares what the AstraZeneca CEO says, and did anyone expect he’d say anything different? And did anyone expect the gvt would send out clear and straightforward messages? And of course the WHO greenlights AstraZeneca’s concoction. Political pressure makes it possible. Only one halfways satisfying newness: China will help struggling African countries. Yes, I know China is shit and stuff and will turn us all into commies. At least that’s what the US and EU are telling us. But then again, what have they done for us lately? China does a lot!

Orca remains cautiously pessimistic. 😐

You guys have a spectacular day



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