Shit Won’t Stop! :(

Sorry. Sorry I’ve got to address this again and again and … again but it’s just too sad. And meaniepoofaced. My American friends and readers, I don’t know where you stand politically or how much you even know about the Syrian conflict but it’s the hotbed of internationally, even globally failed politics and negotations. Right now? No, since years and years it’s going on. Ever since the CIA invented and funded terrorist supergroup ISIS and is trying to remove the bad dictator Assad from his position.

Weird, since they usually don’t give a flying fuk about who rules in their client states. It’s just they needed something to hook into, to make the people understand how important America’s and ally’s engagement in Syria truly is. So Assad is super bad! Got that, people? But we won’t operate openly against him, we have ISIS and “moderate rebels” doing that for us. While on the surface we act as if we’re actively fighting ISIS. And in the end we end up with some more oilfields. PROFIT!

Humanely and politically there is nothing right with the American narrative!

The world at large knows that, and the Russians know it too. But they are too stupid to get behind the programme, are fighting ISIS on a daily base, co-operating with the Syrian army, keeping the Turks at bay, trying to free Syrian civilians from dangerous areas where they are being held hostage by the USArmy.

Now in the last few months it looked like humanity won over ISIS and it went a bit quiet in Syria. I guess it was about time ISIS reared its fugly head and demanded attention again. See people, if America, with all her military power, was truly in Syria to fight ISIS, do you really think this poor little terrorist gang would still be active? Or even breathing? Don’t be silly.

America knows exactly the GPS positions of every ISIS leader and their troops. A couple targeted bomb runs … and ISIS is history. I guess it’s time you start to question yourself and your gvmt what the fuk they are doing with your tax dollars over there and why they don’t show any successes. And whom are they really fighting in Syria: ISIS, al Quaida (the “moderates”), the Kurds, the Turks, the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Syrians (because they all love Assad, go figure) … or is it indeed their ally Russia?

Hey, you can call your congressman, right? So?


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