Corona Diary: Day 321

A quicky good morning, my peeps,

and on with the show as I scramble to leave for the gym …

And to answer my above question myself, naaw, couldn’t care less. It’ll be some possible more aggro variant of the Covid-19 virus, no need to know more. Only thing interesting to know we know already, don’t we? Don’t get infected! Simples.

Don’t let your guard down, keep your social distance, sanitize your front paws, don’t get involved in spontanious eruptions of mass sex activities, be clean, eat healthy shit, mind your own business.

Oh yes, what we all can do beyond our recent measures of protection is this:

You and me, we’re all reasonably healthy (apart from the summer cold) and those masks, no mater how fancy, won’t protect us but are supposed to protect others from us. So buying a new better mask is actually kinda bullshit. Buuuut I’m kinda bored with my recent collection, so I shall look for a cool new model … later today. Maybe something sciencefictionary or cyberpunkee …

No infection for and from CyberOrc

Off to the gym with me !

You peepel have a good one


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