Karmi Wants to Build Something

And wrote an inspiring article about what’s going on inside a user’s mind when planning on doing an upgrade or new PC build. A passage I could wholeheartedly subscribe to was this sentiment:

I don’t want a case with a glass “Window” – nor do I want flashing lights in ‘n around my computer, so that is something else that needs considering when looking for a case.

Nice! But no space for a graphics card.

Right! I mean what are we? Enterprise crew, little playkiddies? I’m not gonna waste money on gorilla glas and blinkenlights for my computer … which hangs out in a shelf next to my workdesk and gets no attention anyway. Okay, I always had the front intake fan lighted by a coloured LED, but that’s it. No more than that!

That’s the maximum I allow for blinkenlights!

But anyway, if you’re playing with the thought of starting a little DIY project, or just wanna see what Karmi’s up to lately, just clicker here and get magicked over to his blawg!

Hmm, this lovely little ITX case I love, too:

Very industrial looking M-ITX case


  1. 😉 Anyone thinking ’bout “starting a little DIY project” better check out the GPU prices first, i.e. they have gone sky hiiiIIGGGH!!! NVIDIA RTX 30 series are sold out before they make it to a shelf ‘n I don’t wanna settle for an expensive lesser/old one right now. Yeah, I liked the look of that JONSPLUS BO 100 also, but apparently they are just in a planning stage ‘n not for sale yet!? ;( May end up buying a AMD mini-ITX mobo ‘n drag the AMD Ryzen™ 5 3400G APU outta storage shed to see what it can do in my ‘InWin‘ case…wouldn’t need a GPU for that.

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    • Yeah, GPU prices are barefaced exploitation. That’s why I have everything in MiniMax swapped … except the graphics card. I know the GTX770 will probably throttle the system but it’s still good enuff for good quality of life in SL. =^.^=

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