Linux Sunday: LMDE 4

Hah, expected the Corona Diary, did ya? Ok, here let’s get this shit behind us quickly …

The world of Covid-19 is terrible. Let’s get outta here …

Now back on topic and to a thing we have plenty of time to care about since the fukn virus nailed our feet to the ground inside the house. I have a question for all of you guyz n gurlz on Linux Mint … which are 99.999% of my readers, right?

Get your LMDE directly from the mintyest website!

Is it correct to assume most of you are now on Mint 20.1 (probably on Cinnamon desktop)? Mhm, I thought so. But why? Don’t you know, haven’t you heard yet that all of the clever YT video guys and stupid Orca, too, are favouring Mint’s Debian Edition (LMDE)?

Left: Chris Were talking about Mint and LMDE, Right: Orca installing LMDE

We do that for … reasons.

But who and how many of you are also on LMDE, instead of the boring *buntu-based static version?

I installed LMDE this morning, just for fun and a little research. And yes, it’s indeed nicer than 20.1. Maybe missing a little bit of polish and bling but apart from that just makes more sense.

Welcome to adulthood and grown-up Linux distros! πŸ˜‰

LMDE/Cinnamon: Doesn’t look too different, no?

Please, kidz, do me a solid and please answer in the comment section below what OS you’re using … and why. Yes, hey, even if you’re on somefink different, SUSE, Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu or whatever, please participate in the census for Feb 2021.

So, again:

OS? Desktop? Why?

Now you lookywatchee old video where Chris talks truth:

Take good care of each other



  1. Windows 10 mint 20.1 mint 19.3(32) lmde 4, funnily LMDE4 has 32bit support, which my old server is running on. If you have issues with Ubuntu and it’s ethical decisions LMDE4 is definitely my OS of choice

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    • Good old Deb is the bestest Server OS coz rock solid stable! Didn’t know any Linuxes are still supporting 32-bit but if any are doing it, Debian was my first guess.

      Oh! Oh my. I’m such a blind fish. Just look at the screenshot I made from the LMDE download page. =^.^=


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