Corona Diary: Day 318


After not chronicling yesterday’s Covid-19’s activities (RL stuff ya know?), today also just a quick message. Does the virus slowly looses its attraction? Haha, if we, as cattle humanity led around by our noserings, by the most inapt politicians, struggle to get our vaccine shots, the pandemic dies out all by its fuggin self. Or wot?

4,000 is still much too great a number! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

My frens, I urge you to Stay Frosty!

Tho I can see no reason not to go to the beach, actually never saw it. The fresh breeze around here isn’t called “Cape Doctor” for nothing. Even if you breath out a million viruses, they’ll be snapped up by the wind and blown into oblivion. Also the beaches are very empty this time of the year. There is nobody you can possibly infect!

But please wear your mask when entering any closed buildings and get into close proximity with the other assholes. Remain cautious: SURVIVE!!!

Cya laterz


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