A Very Nifty MiniMacroTinySmall Desktop Computer

No AMD niftyness, but pretty capable Intel i5 procis make these two NUC-sized minis from Hong Kong adorable powerhouses. Add to that connectivity up the wazoo and here you have a super duper computer. I can testify how happy I am with my tiny Lenovo mini desktops. They’re all the computer I could ever wish for … except one thing: Without dedicated graphics card they aren’t good gaming computers. And you might suffer a bit with heavy photoshopping and video editing. Apart from that it’s all good!

Don’t be fooled the older 8249 is faster than the 1021! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

And what they are perfect for is Linux! No worries, your Windows product key will always be available in the BIOS. So if you decide Linux ain’t for you (you stupid?) just reinstall Windows (no, pleez don’t) and be perfectly legal for the American software giant.

639 US woolongs isn’t the cheapest NUC ever but these are very gud!


    • We must not forget that these machines are – contrary to normal NUCs – complete, with RAM and M.2 SSD storage. I guess after completing a barebones NUC you’ll end up in the same price range. But anyway, there are even niftier micro computers on the market. Will maybe post about another one later today.

      Gulps. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Shit’s expensive. My gaming PC upgrade is the analogy of a cheap car/motorcycle. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


        • Wait for the next video I’m gonna relay to the blog.
          Oh, and I’m not gaming neither but I’m in the virtual world Second Life as you may have noticed. In fact did my blog originate from bogging about my second life. It’s not a game per se, since no objective, no winning or losing, but it uses game technology. And in order to see the whole world in all its glory one needs a beefy graphics card. These things cost a little, playing in SL is free.

          My very first SL video ever:


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