Fresh Release: EndeavourOS 2021.02.03

Mornin’ my precious children. πŸ™‚

Here I got a special Linux distro release for you that you can – and should – download and install right nownow! Look at thissss!

Ok, some explainifications since you stupid and dunno wotz goin on:

  • Happy on Mint? I mean really happy like a clam? Stick to it! By all means.
  • Feeling daring, like starting a new adventure? Get EOS now!
  • You got EOS already. Is it time to reinstall to level up with the “new” shit? No, dumbo, Endeavour, like all Archies, is a rolling release. It will roll along into the future … after all our computers and we ourselves are dead and gone. Not to worry. EOS/Arch will be at the ready, waiting for you. Your “old” version was brought Up To Date during the last couple days. That means: If you have EOS installed you leave it alone and just do the daily updates and you’re good.
  • This new release version is meant for new adopters who need some medium to install their first version off. So the time wasted on the initial update is kept to a minimum.
  • Isn’t it too complicated? Naaaw, EOS comes with he Calamares installer (really easy peasy, like installing Mint. )
  • Must I learn new tricks? If you don’t change your Desktop Environment (EOS comes with your fave, Cinnamon, among others) it’s pretty much the same. You’ll have to learn a new command syntax if you wanna do a lot in the Terminal. You don’t have to tho. πŸ˜‰
  • Is it worth it? Asking me, yeppers! I hate the *buntu-ish way of installing a new OS version every 6 months, all the complicated shit and the outdated Kernels and program versions.

Hey, let me tell ya a story, a true story: You’ve read that yesterday I swapped my 2 SSDs from their old computers into new ones. To do that all I had to do was the physical part; opening the cases, taking out the SSDs and mounting them into their new homes. The whole system installed on them! No additional labour required, everything worked like on the day I used it last. One SSD which was lying around for a couple days, I received a notice that updates were available. Did that, and 5 minutes later both systems were on the same level of awesome! =^.^=

Once you got used to the intricacies of using an ArchLinux-based system you won’t ever go back. All other Linuxes will feel like kiddies’ toys.

I set up both computers on Endeavour …without re-installing anything. Werkz! πŸ™‚

Happy tinkering.


PS: Do the Microsoft devs engage in forums personally? Well, Linux devs regularly do. πŸ™‚

Read the full post here: Bryanpwo is the high cheese at EndavourOS!

PPS: Lucy, look!

The Welcome app now supports Brazillian-Portuguese

Isn’t that nice?

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