Digital Silk Road Makes Europe Look Bad

Europe a.k.a. Germany is falling more and more behind the rest of the world. Hubris, ignorance and incompetence making it possible. And most Europeans/Germans don’t even notice. They still believe what their leaders are telling them; that China must change its ways if it wants to become a part of the civilized world.

Well …

This fibre network will maybe even protect us from American cyber attacks. πŸ˜‰

Let’s look at the new infrastructure:

Even African bigwig South Africa is part of the digital silk road

Looks like our new fiber connection will surpass the Bay of Biscaya and its sleepy Portuguese fishermen, and America’s bitch, the UK. And the eastern African cable system will be our main route into Europe.

The future looks bright! And Europe must change its ways if they wanna stay/become a part of the civilized world. πŸ™‚


    • Now that the traditional physical Belt & Road silk road is a bit stuck for political reasons it’s just logical to finish the last few fibre connections, no? Make Pakistan’s internet independent from India/America. Most of the route is already finished since years and the Chinese consortium will just have to splice into it I guess.

      Up to now the East African route – via Hong Kong – was for us only a secondary means for when the west African route is broken, now it seems the Egypt/France connection’s gonna be our main path into Europe. All very logical and economically sound. The Chinks aren’t stupid you know. πŸ˜‰


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