Corona Diary: Day 314

Good afternoon peepelz.

Yesterday an Emirates plane arrived from India. It had on board the first consignment of the Covid-19 vaccine … for roundabout 1 milion recipients or so. Medical and other front line personnel, supermarket cashiers, police, inmates, all those people. It will take some more deliveries and roundabout half a year until all Saffas have access to the vaccine.

Which didn’t stop papa smurf to announce easing of the lockdown rules! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Logical action, right? Some people can get their jabs, so let’s cave in to the industry and heighten the infection risk for everybody! Drink, my children, drink your brains out. And then go surfing and organize gigantic beach parties.

The crisis is over! Corona is dead! Hallelujah! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Orca’s recommended views, according to the YouTube AI. ๐Ÿ˜

\o/ YIPPIE! \o/

What did I tell you awesome people about politicians?

They can’t be trusted. Right. I always thought Ramaphosa was better than the rest, better than other politclowns, better than South Africa deserves. But no, he’s exactly what the people want and deserve. Can you tell how that plan will badly backfire … on the people, on the country, on the economy, on the average lifespan of SAfricans? Ya, eh. Seems inevitable. Fine by me, let’s stretch the Pandemic measures into eternity, we’re not in a hurry to fly back to Germany anytime soon.

Bad ideas announced!

As always: SURVIVE!

cya laterz



  1. Hrrmmm… sounds familiar.

    Some talking head was pointing out that Calif will have a bigger, badder, wave of infections in about 6wks due to the UK and SA variants. People thought those were the reason for the most recent wave but he said no. Plus whatever other variants come along. Once again it’s completely tracking to the pattern of 1918.

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    • “due to the UK and SA variants”
      Oh yes, nation shaming always works splendidly if you wanna survive a global pandemic.

      “the reason for the most recent wave but he said no.”
      Probably just heard about the boring fine details 5 minutes before he went on air.

      Way to go!


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