Corona Diary: Day 313

Fellow humans and huwomens,

short and sweet report today …

Okeeeeeeeeeeee… good and fine, the fuxn vacccine is here … and ordinary SAffas will have to wait another half a year before they can receive their jabs. ๐Ÿ˜ No prob, just don’t get infected. Which is easier said than done in a nation that is made up, in an an alarming majority, from little children in adult bodies. To all the party hungry South Africans I wanna say: “Don’t stop the body count anytime soon!”

And I guess that’ll also be the gist in Father Smurf’s address to the nation ‘family meeting’ later tonight.

But! Jokes aside, SA, as every American knows, is a fukn African shithole, wild, untamed, savage, brutal, full of Nigerian princes, corrupt and worst of all, after 10 or more months of locky downy, they are BROKE AF! And still they have organized shipments of the vaccine, of which the first one has already arrived. And they have roll-out plans. It’s all in place. Since weeks and months.

Tell me, how do your govmts fare in comparison, Germany, Italy, US, UK, France et al.?

Doesn’t really matter, does it? We, readers and bloggies, we have our own survival plan, don’t we?

As they say in space operas: Mask Up!

cya laterz



  1. I think the last vaccine news I saw is that multi-millions of doses of vaccines are MIA because Rump refused to have a coordinated, federal level, rollout.

    Long Beach gave out all it’s doses then, like everywhere else, found themselves without more stock. No one knows how many doses they’ll get till they arrive.

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    • You’re golden! Compared to the EU where Merkel and v.d.Leyen really really bungled the job for all EU member states and ~280 million citizens. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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