Corona Diary: Day 312

Hey Kidz!

I don’t know, shall we dedicate today’s article to the most fukked up, sexually depressed, intellectually inferior, uneducated, right wing zealots?

Let’s just call it Day of the Krayzees!


Whaaaa? I mean not wanting to take the shot yourself is good and fine, I’m not fond of it myself, so don’t get vaccinated, stay away and go home. But why do you have to meddle with the lifes and plans of countless other Americans by blocking the entrance to the vaccination site? Is that what you understand as freedom? Denying your compatriots the right to use their freedom and do their completely legal and govmt supported thing?

You’re bad Americans. Phugg off!

But not only Americans are too stupid to survive:

When it’s about stupidity SAffas don’t accept any other nation besting them. 😉 All those people couldn’t give less phux about a day at the beach; this was a concerted political action, an organized flashmob at three of Cape Town’s most beloved beaches, an explosion in the stupid factory!

Noticed they’re all whities?

And this? Do you see anything wrong here?

Yes, I know this article is about the negative effect the various mutations and variants of the Covid-19 virus but what made me stumble is how frivolously the authors of the article just called J&J’s drug “experimental” only a few months after the whole western word cussed at Russia because their publicly developed vaccine was experimental in nature and not fit to be used on humans. But when a huge corp rolls out experimental shit of questionable effectiveness it’s ok or what? Because profit!

You remember Caitlin, the LA death aficionada, from yesterday’s diary? She famous now, made it on BoingBoing:

Most famous goth/undertaker

Dafucque is political parties’ business in vaccine rollout in the first place? Are you using the opportunity to gain some points in the next election? You little incompetent shits don’t honestly believe anyone will be voting for any of your sick parties … ever again!

If we stupid little people have learned one thing from the Coronavirus it is that we are left alone, on our own devices. Act clever and like an adult … and survive. Act like an idiot and you die. Most of us didn’t need and parties or govmts for learning that simple fact.

Also we don’t really need any of the hasily developed and produced super duper expensive vaccines since they aren’t working anyway and don’t guarantee us immunity. In other words: Useless shit! Covid-19, like any other viral epidemic, will run its course and then die off, all by itself and very naturally. How we spend the time until it’s over are our individual decisions. At least in the west, since for us it’s too late anyway to react in any meaningful way.

We gotta give it to the Asians, as a demographic group of humans they have shown much superior intelligent social response to the pandemic. And now they are through with it and can go to the beaches and party all night long!

Propaganda? Sure. But after cleaning the railway station off Covid-19 they had a gigantic pool party.

In the west it may take some more time, at least a year longer than in Asia, until Covid-19 is completely exterminated. And as I said, until that time I know what I gotta do to protect myself. As do you.

Grrlz n boiz, fellow Corona fighters,

we hereby pledge to be clever and smart, do as adults do and act resourcefully and responsible by protecting ourselves until the fukn virus is dead and gone! And on that glorious day we will meet at the beaches and the pools and party … like it’s 1999! 🙂



Oh, maybe a last look at the global bodycount?

We cracked the magic one billion cases mark! Congratz people, this must be the most successful hoax/gvt conspiracy ever


    • Yeah, the 40,000 was a downer alright. And hopefully a wakeup call for the sleepy politicos.
      And the Dodger Stadium incident maybe was that turning point in global awareness by showing how badly people are in self-preservation when they have some kind of stupid ideology.


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