Corona Diary: Day 311

Top of the morning, future bodies.

Just an informed video fresh out of the mouth of an undertaker. Sorry for bringing a bad mood into your sunny weekend but I recommend you all really, like really really, watch this:

This good lady has numerable interesting videos about death. Good channel.

Let’s renew our pact, ok?


No, not even from a car crash or cancer or such silly mundane shit. No time and no capacity to fool around with such things. And even if the video sounded America-centric, don’t even believe for a split second Europe may be better off. Some African and Asian shitholes maybe, China and Russia of course. But where most readers of Orcablog reside, we’re in a state of emergency. Even if we’re not personally sick … if we get infected we best find a lonely place to die alone. Because Help won’t arrive! Our western govmts have failed us. And I don’t believe any alien race is too fond either of helping those silly earthlings out of their selfmade disaster.

New Trend: Sanitizing funeral homes

And know what? I’m not even angry anymore. I didn’t expect anything different right from the beginning. Oh yes, we can shout at the polit clowns, never vote for them again, call for medical professionals to overtake the govmt business, swear to never ever fall for populist propaganda again … it won’t help us in this situation.

Let’s face it: WE ARE ALONE!

So, plan of action? C’mon people, by now you know the drill: Mask up, sanitize, wash, eat good, be unsocial hermits, survive.

This was already long ago … and nothing’s been done since then! 😦

Good to see the US established as world leader!

Back to the, still, living:

Oh look! The EU is acting sharp. 😦 Read and weep …

What are you dumfux doing?

Blog sistas and brossas, you be good, ok?

CYAll later



  1. California LIFTED tons of restrictions this week! I’d say it’s insane but it was a smart political move… many people weren’t complying anyway so may as well get some credit. Outdoor dining is back – but without tvs, to prevent overstaying, and public cheering during games. Curfew lifted – but no one was following that one anyway… just means non-essential businesses can legally stay open after 5pm.

    I had a hard time with the vid simply because she sounds/looks like a parody character. Omatra’s funeral homes are in Nor Central Calif so I look to her for info.

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    • She’s a bit of a character, isn’t she? The Betty Boob hairstyle. 😉 Which is cool since her topic is a dark one which nobody loves to touch. But, honestly, I’ve never seen her as emotional as in that video. I can’t evaluate the situation at your locale but if it’s really as dramatic as she says I guess this video is important.

      And if lifting the restrictions is the first and only response your politclowns have towards Covid-19 the situation is dire indeed. 😦


        • Life’s going on like normal, at least as far as I can see it. Of course everybody’s masked up and the liquor stores are closed but all else seems pretty normal. I don’t even know if we still have a curfew. Hubs and me aren’t going out after dark anyway.

          From what I see in America it’s even frowned upon if you wear a mask, is it?


          • Depends upon where you are. Here, it’s frowned upon in your aren’t masked, even on your own property. The rule is “mask at all times when outside the home.” My porch is about 8′ from the sidewalk so I don’t always wear one there, because no one should be near me. But if I’m going further, even for just a min or two, I put one on.

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  2. The covid neighbor most likely caught it in downtown Los Angeles. I live within Los Angeles county, but Long Beach has it’s own regulators so our covid rules are sometimes very slightly different.

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    • This is so counterproductive! 😦 When not even LA County can pull on one string, what’s the sense of any measures? You wanna impose travel bans between counties now, just to avoid the spread from downtown to suburbia? In all these things the great wide USA (USA! USA!) becomes very small and restricted. 😮


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