Corona Diary: Day 309

Yikes! Even if I plan not to write my Covid chronicle for a day, so much stuff’s going on lately it becomes impossible to take a break and give me and you guys a well-deserved pause. I mean we’re all caught in this global pandemic thing together, we all are in more or less the same situation, nearly every news report concerns us directly or is going to concern us in a couple days or weeks.

That’s what the global aspect means in principle, right? Sooner or later we all have to deal with the same shit. So let’s see what’s new today:

Newsflash! Stock photos regarding Covid-19 become rare.

No, jokes aside, didn’t I warn y’all about vaccines rushed out without thorough clinical testing? This is what happens if you leave it to politicians to rule your countries. First they deny the existence of Covid-19, then they waste time with playing the blame game (“but teacher, China started it!”), and then when corpses are starting to overwhelm the medical and burial infrastructure, they panic and start hectic activities, blindly.

Buuuuut not blindly trusting in countries with more experience and far ahead in the vaccine development than we slowpokes in the West. God no! And also not trusting in our own govmtl agencies and institutions, naaaw, we buy the vaccine from the lowest bidder, some shabby private corporation. Yes, this is the way!

Weird that neither Russia nor China are using profitable capitalistic products but developed and shipped their own vaccines. But they are stupid, not tested and much too dangerous … and then suddenly we have a lot of deaths, caused by allergic reactions. If only someone had warned us earlier and shown us better alternatives. 😦

And while in Germany they are using online concert ticket agencies with bad reputation, to book the vaccination appointments for big cities n stuff, African shitholes are rolling the vaccines out according to well-organised plans:

Anyway, there is no counting on the jokers in Brussels/Washington in a situation like this. They rather start silly trade wars than helping their populations. Nothing’s changed, not even in lieu of a life-threatening global virus situation!

Am I a terrible commie revolutionary bitch when I think about replacing all our govmts with real people? Use force if necessary? No fear, not gonna happen. Orca’s too jaded and tired and worn out to start anything as radical as that. Not gonna happen. :/

What does this mean for us, for you and me? Same as always: Be ultra careful, sanitize, wash, eat healthy, keep your social distance, stay at home if you can afford it.

I hope to see y’all again tomorrow in good health.


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