Rapid spread of coronavirus among children is worrying Israeli health officials.

Interesting facts about the British strain coming from Israel.

Kidz, this ain’t the right time to get back into your old ways of mingling and gathering …

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Image Credit: Jack Guez / AFP

Israel is the leading country in the World in COVID-19 vaccinations, as more than 20% of the population have been vaccinated. Israel aims to vaccinate everyone by the end of March. Regardless of the curent lockdown restrictions and effective vaccination programme, the daily virus caseload remains high. Health officials are now worried with the recent surge in cases among children.

Unfortunately, as schools were being prepared to open, the spread of the virus among children has raised concern among health officials, as they were not planning in vaccinating them in the near future. It was believed that children would not affect the spread of the virus, but this changed, as the British mutation of the virus is infecting more and more children in Israel. The British strain is believed to be far more infectious, and may cause around 30% more mortality.

The British strain…

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