Corona Diary: Day 308


A somehow reassuring message for vaccine doubters like little Orca comes from South Africa’s equivalent to Dr. Fauci, our very own Prof. Salim Abdool Karim:

Honestly, 2 hearts are beating in my narrow chest; on one side I kinda trust the professor, as he’s always on the cautious side. But like America’s Dr. Fauci, he’s also the head honcho of some gov’mt committee, which makes him a handpuppet of powerplaying politicians. :/

Ok, all this we’ll can break our heads over at a later point in time, since hubby and me are operating kinda outside of any system. I guess we don’t qualify for vaccination in SA, and Germany is kinda phukked by the EU incompetence and won’t receive any vaccine soon anyway. And hubby, as a high risk person, can probably not even take the shot, since his immune system is weakened already.

And we stopped worrying about European politics by now. From day one it was clear they’d fuk it all up, since they love to repeat all the mistakes the USA already made. Suits them well, since it’s the German loser Ursula von der Leyen who completely bungled the vaccine rollout for the EU. 😦 Bich was a hot candidate to become the next Merkel, now she’s moved to Brussels where she can harm even more people with her clueless bollocktics. 😦

Uschi out of her comfort zone. 😦

Just to make this clear: Lazy fux in African shithole South Africa will receive the vaccine much sooner than hardworking Germans who already payed Astra Zeneca for the development … from which now only UK citizens will benefit.

I’ve even heard rumours about Germany contacting Russia to purchase the vaccine from there. We remember, the Russian vaccine that couldn’t possibly work and was never tested before rollout. And now we’re begging the Russkies for some drops of their shit.

Delicious turn of events, right?

Know what? I had it! All those otherwise unemployable polit clowns can lick my shiny @$$. I’m done … with Germany! And with the EU! With the whole Western “community of values”! If we ever get kicked out of SA we’ll move to Russia! I can imagine quite a nice retirement in a picturesque Crimean seaside town.

Sunny Crimea a good retirement home?

You guys stay well.

Cya laterz


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