Corona Diary: Day 306

We made it so far. Cracked the completely arbitrary 300-days barrier/hurdle/mark. Time to think about all the people who didn’t. 😦 Of course many of them naíve idiots and aggressive deniers but in the same or even greater amount completely innocent people, having been had by bad politics and other unfortunate circumstances.

We, you, dear reader and me, your humble blog secretary, we made it through up to here with a good portion of luck but also awareness and behavioural adaptation. As I wrote in an earlier comment:

There are no exceptions, nobody is a special snowflake. The virus doesn’t discriminate, makes no difference between top models and fugly troglodytes, Britz and Yankz, Krautz and Ozzies, black and white, yellow or green, Commies and Fascists. You’re vaguely humanoid – you’re fair game!

Orca Flotta

And before I’ll say ciao for a moment and drive to the gym, let’s have a peek at current Corona affairs:

And those were the normal news, Covid’s coming up now:

Seen that snippet about Ramaphosa’s newsletter? We got “to build confidence in the vaccine?” Really, Papa Smurf, really? After reading that sentence the little confidence I had in the vaccine is gone now. Completely! Either the shit works as intended … or it doesn’t … or it’s even dangerous like the shit they used in Norway. No use building up confidence. We’re not lab rats, are we? It would be appreciated if you told us beforehand if we better write our last wills before taking the shot.

Fuk me! No, not gonna get vaccinated!

I guess the savest bet is what they told us from day one already: Practice social distancing, sanitize, wash your hands, don’t touch stuff others have touched before you … and wear your stinky mask! It’s simple ffs! No rocket science.

Ok, gotta get ready to leave the house and face the dangers of a virus infested outside world. Where’s my fuxn hazmat suit?

German design: Functional but … gives me a fat @$$ and a Jay Leno head. 😦

Laterz boyz n grrrlz


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