“Complete Incompetence”

Wanna know why America, despite stealing PPOs from other countries, is so badly fucked by COVID-19? Answer’s coming up:

Money quote:

The lag between people becoming infected, developing COVID-19, and succumbing to the disease will keep the numbers grim for weeks to come, regardless of new efforts put in place today. But the administration says it’s also facing challenges from inheriting the work from the previous administration.

In remarks Thursday, Biden criticized the federal response so far: “For the past year, we couldn’t rely on the federal government to act with the urgency and focus and coordination that we needed, and we have seen the tragic cost of that failure.”

Upon taking office, sources in the administration told CNN that they were shocked by the state of the federal work on the pandemicβ€”or the lack thereof. “There is nothing for us to rework,” one source told the outlet. “We are going to have to build everything from scratch.”

Another source echoed that the Trump administration had no plan and that Biden’s administration would have to start from “square one.” Upon realizing the situation, the administration member reportedly responded: “Wow, just further affirmation of complete incompetence.”

Trump was a cool, low-level comedic relieve for the past 4 years but I can see why the American’s have kicked him out now and are maybe ready to re-join the rest of the world.

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