Windsurfing Race Day 3 with Sea Boss Rider at Saint Aubrey

Sorry for the delay of this report, but after painting the new I-Mocca 60 for 3 days i just needed a little break for sailing. But i think it was worth for you guys to wait for this. First we had a new record of windsurfers: 8. Only one total crash in both races and many very exciting duells along the courses.
I had planned the courses for really close races and i am glad they all follow my plan…

Adeli, Sanja, Lucy, Ester, Laured, Larry and Walt joined me on our two reversed courses with wind North and 25knots.

the fleet waiting for the first start

Its cool to watch when they all pull up their sails and start to find their best starting position. Walt had a nearly perfect start, Adeli had to turn around because she was a bit overearly and the rest was following Walt one after another.

Start of first race (video by Hakiria)

Walt was leading the race at the end of first lap. Sanja and me were trying to catch him close together. The others followed close together in a nice group duell.

finish of lap 1 (video by Hakiria)

Right as the fleet saw already the finishline a cruise of very big boats crossed our route. It got very laggy and we had to wait long seconds to enter the sim. But in the end no one was run over and we all could finish. Congrats to Walt who managed to stay the whole race in front and wouldnt let us to catch him.

1.Walt,, 3. Sanja, 4. Larry, 5. Adeli, 6th. Lucy, 7. Ester and 8. Laured (video by Hakiria)

The second race was even more exciting. Only Larry didnt see the finish. The start was this time a lot closer and the first 5 started within 6sec followed a little later by the other 3.

Start of second race (video by Hakiria)

The first group stayed close together until they arrived the dangerous sim cross in the middle between Buoy OE and ON. I warned all to be careful there and well i hit it myself but could continue after a resit. Walt had more issues and fell back to the end of the fleet. Larry crashed there. The rest of the fleet made it pretty well.
At buoy CN Sanja, Adeli and me were very close together again and went together on the first high speed leg to buoy OE. When you have ever seen a group waiting for the opening of the shops on a Black Friday, you can imagine how we 3 tried to sail around buoy OE at the same time.

Sanja, Adeli and me on the way to buoy OE with more than 16knots

Adeli made it around buoy OE best, Sanja tested the water temperature right after the buoy and i messed up that turn a bit. Adeli managed to keep her lead to the finishline. Sanja passed me at the last buoy with a lot better turn and crossed finishline second. Lucy, Laured and Ester had a close 3some along the course and finished close together. Only Walt sailed brave behind the fleet after his nearly crash. Congrats to Adeli for the win of the second race.

Finish of the second race (video by Hakiria)
the brave Walt finishing last (video by Hakiria)

Exciting races and a very nice fleet made this another really cool race day.

Here are the results from Thursday:

5: 2021-01-21-St AR – SBR – 1 – REV-N25:

1: Walthard Resident BS869d – Race Time: 0:10:04-10points
2: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:10:15
3: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Race Time: 0:10:21-7points
4: Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Race Time: 0:10:53-5points
5: Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Race Time: 0:11:03-4points
6: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:11:09-3points
7: citacg Resident BSdca5 – Race Time: 0:11:38-2points
8: laured Cabassoun BSaa47 – Race Time: 0:12:29-1point

Lap Times:
Walthard Resident BS869d – Start: 0:00:01 – Lap 1: 0:04:58 – Last lap: 0:05:05
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:10 – Lap 1: 0:05:02 – Last lap: 0:05:03
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Start: 0:00:06 – Lap 1: 0:05:04 – Last lap: 0:05:11
Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Start: 0:00:26 – Lap 1: 0:05:19 – Last lap: 0:05:08
Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Start: 0:00:18 – Lap 1: 0:05:28 – Last lap: 0:05:17
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:05 – Lap 1: 0:05:35 – Last lap: 0:05:29
citacg Resident BSdca5 – Start: 0:00:19 – Lap 1: 0:05:39 – Last lap: 0:05:40
laured Cabassoun BSaa47 – Start: 0:00:33 – Lap 1: 0:06:23 – Last lap: 0:05:33

6: 2021-01-21-St AR – SBR – 2 – REV-N25:

1: Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Race Time: 0:16:20-10points
2: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Race Time: 0:16:43-7points
3: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:16:50
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:17:33-5points
5: laured Cabassoun BSaa47 – Race Time: 0:17:52-4points
6: citacg Resident BSdca5 – Race Time: 0:17:59-3points
7: Walthard Resident BS869d – Race Time: 0:20:30-2points
8: Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Not Finished-1point

Lap Times:
Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Start: 0:00:05 – Last lap: 0:16:15
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:16:41
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:03 – Last lap: 0:16:47
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: 0:17:25
laured Cabassoun BSaa47 – Start: 0:00:16 – Last lap: 0:17:36
citacg Resident BSdca5 – Start: 0:00:19 – Last lap: 0:17:40
Walthard Resident BS869d – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:20:28
Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Start: 0:00:26 – Last lap: Not Finished

Standing overall St AR 2021 SeaBossRider Championship (after 6 races):
Sailor – points – number of races
Adeli – 32 – 6
Sanja – 32 – 6
Walt – 29 – 4
Larry – 17 – 6
Lucy – 17 – 6
Ester – 7 – 3
Laured – 5 – 2
Viv – 2 – 1

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you all next week again.

hugs and kisses


  1. Whoa! The video of the finish 1st race, y’all see the windjammers in background? Does some yacht club organize races for them? That reminds me of old times in SL, when MTW and likeminded old people were racing some big boats on ultra long courses.


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