Second Life’s Lab Gab – SLEA

Didn’t I mention already that SLEA is a hopelessly desperate attempt to keep a dead thing kinda alive on life support. Of course it’s futile! SLEA is, in the best case, a zombie of LEA. And zombies, as everybody knows, aren’t real living sentient beings but nothing than reanimated corpses. :/

But let’s see what Strawbs and her luminous guests have to say about that:

Tune in on Friday, January 22nd at 11am PT. Strawberry Linden will be speaking with the Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) Coordinator Tansee, and our very own VP of Product Operations, Patch Linden, along with our VP of Marketing, Brett Linden.

Links to topics discussed in this episode:

SLEA Announcement:…

Website: https://slendowmentforthearts.wordpre…

Facebook Page:



SLEA Group Inworld: secondlife:///app/group/91b7ba50-5441-3717-865c-d06958339c9f/about

(I fixed the link for you, LL. You’re welcome)

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