Don’t Adjust Your Screensaver

Just stay calm. This is real footage!

Relaxing, isn’t it?

This guided meditation with the Open Sea is a bubble bath for the mind. (Without visitors, we’ve had the bubble curtain on all day so the fishes can be mindful of the window.)

This is the fourth Morning MeditOcean we’ve made so far. Thank you all so much for your kind words and feedback!

Morning MeditOcean Episode 1 — Sea Nettles:

Morning MeditOcean Episode 2 — Moon Jellies :

Morning MeditOcean Episode 3 — Rocky Shore:

Morning MeditOcean Playlist:…


  1. Well, the voice makes me want to hit someone. But the visuals are amazing and remind me that, despite being in the area at least 100 times, I’ve never been the the famous Monterey Aquarium. Maybe a post pandemic weekend? Or local aquarium was modeled after it but isn’t even close. But I did get to hold hands with and feed captive sea otters (through holes in plexiglass).

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