Corona Diary: Day 304

Humanoids of planet Earth, dear friends,

nothing special today, so we start with a view onto IOL’s Covid section:

Finally they found it in their hearts to report about local Corona affairs. πŸ˜‰

Yeah, I totally agree that poor Morocco should be the first African nation to receive the vaccine. They really had to suffer the biggest impact of foreign tourists kinda stranded at their shores … and they managed it oh so well. And a newness for all the Covidiots, thinking the pandemic is a political hoax: In South Africa we’re facing a coffin shortage and the funeral industry is heavily overburdened. That sound like the seasonal flu to you? In summer???

Okay, told ya about Oubaas’ stuttering engine after I sped over that darn speed drempel:

The problem turned out a real head scratcher for my mechanic’s disciples …
… but in the end they found the culprit: Throttle plates didn’t open/close anymore. Some wire was broken and needed soldering.
Got a new distributor rotor with it since mechanic found the old one wasn’t good anymore. Ok, such things are cheap to get … and indeed the electric stuff seems to work even nicer now. As you can see this is all kinda legacy tech, which suits me fine. Every village mech can repair this shit in a trench with nothing but a teaspoon for tools.

I’m astonished how far Oubaas has come lately. I had it for three years, stumbling from one failure to the next; now my new mechanic sorts my Ford out very nicely. He’s one of those old Afrikaaners, salt of the earth kinda guy, honest to the bone and full of knowledge. “Repairing cars since 1982, you learn a thing or two.” For example he got the passenger side window working again after 3 or 4 professional specialist electricians weren’t able to fix it. 😐 Now it goes up n down with a press on the button, as it never was supposed to. πŸ™‚ That’s friggin’ space age tech in my stone age delivery vehicle. πŸ™‚

Next on the menu: Power steering and reducing rims from 17″ to 15″ and going for narrower tyres with higher profile. Won’t look that fancy anymore but drive so much more comfortable.

But for now … we’ll spend the weekend at home. Blogging, stealing movies, sleeping, cooking, sitting on the stoep, working on our tans, not mingling with other human beeings!

I hope you’re acting super duper responsible as well coz … survival!

cy’all laterz


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