Corona Diary: Day 303

Mörningsøns, my dear frens

Kingston is a reasonably good brand, no? I guess all the SSDs, no matter if cheap or expensive, all come out of the same foundry anyway. Anyhoo, I’m happy with this thing.

Oh what a strange day yesterday was. Took Oubaas to the Lenovo outlet center and asked there if I’ve left my 500GB hard drive there … of course not. I must have lost that thing somewhere else. So in an impulse buy I got myself a brandspanking new SSD. Then, on the way back home, I drove too fast across a speed drempel while trying to avoid being rammed by a minitaxi … and obviously broke something in the petrol line. 😦 Engine started to sputter and cut out and I barely made it back home. 😦 Gotta see the mecha tomorrow.

\o/ YAY! \o/ Three machines running at the same time. GagaMore, on the center screen, just busy installing EndeavourOS on its new SSD.

Then, after installing EOS on GagaMore, and just busy installing all the additional softwares, the internet crapped out! Wooooooot??? Jeezuz the fuk? Peepel, I got werk to do, must install some comfy programs that are good for the soul … and some asswipe stumbles over some server or something and cuts the fibrewires for all of SA?

Weirdly enuff, even hubby’s smartphone was disconnected.:o

Called RocketNet but the very frenly young lady there couldn’t tell me much. “Technicians have their noses on the ground, sniffing for the error”, was all I could understand. Obviously they’ve been successful, else I couldn’t write you this right now.

So, and now you’re asking me what all that shit’s gotta do with the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, yesterday was just another day in lockdown and news about that kept pouring in as well. While we all surely got better things to do – well I did – the silent killer still goes around. Every day more mutations are found and new cases and victims are piling up. 😮

Because, let’s not forget the situation we’re all in right now. Even if my day yesterday reads just like any other day, I’m well aware it was not! Me driving out to inquire about my missing hard drive, buying new one, almost crashing my van, is stretching activities during lockdown pretty far. More stretched than I’m comfortable with to tell you the truth.

This is comfy! =^.^= My bookings for next week.

This makes me feel comfortable and good: Instead of sweating my ass off in a room with 20 or more other yoga enthusiasts, I’m just soaking in a salty chlorine solution to wash all the germs and viruses off my body. And this is light training as well, so I’m rather splashing with all the fatty beached whales and feel clean and healthy afterwards than soaking in my own sweat. 🙂

You guys stay healthy, alright?

cya laterz



    • I gotta admit I thoroughly enjoy driving that old van rather speedy now that the mech has sorted the engine. :/ Good to know that Kingston is quality storage. I hope it’ll serve me as well as my first SSD does. I bought that one in 2014 when I built MiniMax, used it every day and it’s wonderful. In that time 2 or 3 of my spinning discs have already died. So SSD is indeed more reliable than oldschool stuff.

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  1. I enjoyed NOT feeling the sweat in aqua classes!!

    Coming up on 500,000 covid deaths on the US. Geez!!

    I’m annoyed that my “meh, let old people die so businesses can stay open”, already had covid neighbor took a “frontline worker” 1st vaccine shot when I, 57 with comorbidities and being cautious, have to wait till March!!

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    • It’s not fair, isn’t it?
      Otoh I guess being cautious is the best protection. I don’t trust those vaccines, so same as with computer virae, the best protection is located between our ears. See it like this: Your neighbour needs the vaccine since she’s too stupid to survive on her own merits.


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