The New TrYC (?) Docks …

… are factually pontoons, which is basically the same, no? Anyhoo, I’ve just been there and noticed nothing much has changed since my last visit. I rezzed a kinda clubhouse/vendor station/harbour master office on one of the bigger pontoons, which was untouched. Neither Lucy nor Trap nor Bianca have sent it back yet. So I left it there … and made a photo. Maybe we can have a discussion here in the blog if we never meet in world.

New Orca, new clubhouse?

What will we decide on as layout/architecture for the new club parcel? Do we wanna keep the TrYC name, although we’ve been kicked outta there? Is Lucy now the big kahuna? This is all so exciting and I just can’t wait for some decisions and infos. 🙂


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