Why was Cuba placed on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list?

Let’s have a look inside the State Department and find out, shall we?


  1. Well…on the one hand, there are terrorists that have take refuge there and the communist dictatorship refuses to cooperate and hand them over to those that request them, like Colombia. And also because Trump now has a large voter base in Miami among Cuban Americans and he must keep them happy. The Cuban exiles now want harsher sanctions and the like against the island. They want to put more pressure so a civil rebellion might take place, since Obama’s open-arms policy didn’t work one jot for them. That’s pretty much it.

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    • For some they are terrorists, for others they are heros … and some of them even become presidents: Mandela, Washington.

      Communist dictatorship? Care to elaborate on that mindbender. I mean, ok, yes, by definition it is a dictatorship, by the Communist Party. But the CP isn’tb a person but co-operatitive work by huge parts of the population. Most decisions are taken in townhall meetings (soviets).

      And I’ve heard stuff about the exiled cubans in Florida. They seem to be a rather nasty bunch by the sound of it.

      A civil rebellion on Cuba? That would be a rebellion against by the people against themselves. Makes no sense.

      And we all know why Cuba is such a shithole: It’s not caused by communism but by American blockades. Everybody can see that.


      • Only those who have actually lived in Cuba know the truth of it… and I was born and raised there 🤗 yay for me! So trust me when I say… it’s not what the ‘people’ really want. Even without American blockades we would be poor… the government is super corrupt and inefficient. There is no freedom of anything.

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        • “I was born and raised there”

          … and yet you somehow ended up in the USA. How come? What did your parents do wrong? They were part of Batista’s clique? Rich? Openly fascist?


          • I actually ended up in Canada 😶 My mother is a loud mouth who can’t stop complaining even now, so we knew she’d end up a political prisoner at some point. If you can’t keep your head down, shut up and do as you’re told, it’s the only future that you have there. It was better to leave before that I guess? And no, I’m too young to be from that era. I think it was my grandmother who saw the revolution.

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            • “Only those who have actually lived in Cuba know the truth of it”

              So the ones who studied history, inform themselves about global politics and how the US goes bonkers everywhere don’t know the truth? I don’t believe in personal accounts and anecdotes as valid reasons, only in statistics an cold facts.

              I wasn’t born in 53 either, either but my parents and my older sister were. It’s not ancient history like the battle of Troy or something. Batista was a terrible dictator and had to be removed from power! And say about the fuxn commies what you want, at least they know how to organize resistance from ground up and how to lead successful revolutions. I also believe that most Cubans are better of now than pre-revolution.


              • Actually, Batista has killed a lot less people than Castro…unfortunately. There were so many executions at the start of the Revolution, of some perfectly innocent people too, that it makes Batista, another dictator in his own right, look like a perfect infant. These are the stories that the Communist Party tries to erase from history and the minds of the general public, but that have been recorded by the survivors. If there’s one thing most dictatorships are good at, this is propaganda.

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                • I’m not saying the commies are angels but it’s a helluva difference if Castro kills boatloads full of contras or Batista killing civilians. I know the CP has much more support from the people than Batista’s ever had. And that’s the only thing that matters. Batista and his rich friends can go drown in the ocean for all I care.


                  • In my book, all dictatorships and extreme left or right parties can go drown in the ocean. 😊 Anyone who tries to control you overmuch cannot have good intentions in the long run. Civil freedoms are simply too important. And we tend to miss them once they’re gone. No matter how much you’ve supported a leader at the beginning, once they start to abuse their power, you can assume they’ll grow unpopular real quick. I wish people would stop falling into that trap.

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                    • Same here,but as a lifelong social activist, antifascist, workers unions member and democratic socialist I have a soft spot for the left side of the political spectrum.


                    • And I fully understand and respect your point of view. However, the reason you’re able to style yourself as any of those things is precisely because you have the freedom to do so, a privilege not afforded to those in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, China, and surely many others. Those restricted societies are not good for the soul, since they stifle any bit of individual thought and creativity… it’s less a matter of politics, and more a matter of principle. 🙂

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  2. Wrong, wrong and wrong! Sorry.

    I don’t style myself as anything, as this has nothing to do with style but only with survival, living right and fight the good fight. It’s not an easy choice, I can tell you, as my politics got me kicked off high school once when I was 14 y/o, and stood in the way of making a career a couple times. My commie grandad and my social democrat dad spent some time in nazi prisons during WW2, my Jewish granny and her mother ended up in Hitler’s death camps.

    We’re still fighting the fascists to this day! Since they all come crawling out of the woodwork now. Particularly in America, which is the most dangerous and terrible country on earth. But please don’t compare European Antifa to US Antifa, as we’re not looting and don’t usually use violence.

    The thing with stifling individuality was a necessity in China, were people had the choice of either going with the program and get food or be a selfish prick and die of hunger. Nowadays they are a powerhouse, manufacturer of the world, full of inventors, start-ups and clever enterprising people. And industry giants like Huawei are 100% owned by their employees! Ppl in the USA are kept in the dark, as they wouldn’t even be allowed to start a union.

    Likewise in Cuba: Half of the Cuban population nowadays wouldn’t even be alive under the old regime.

    It should be illegal to even mention Nicaragua and Venezuela in the same sentence with North Korea! The two American countries were fighting wars to get rid of their fascist dictators and are now suppressed by the fascist USA, while N Korea is nothing but a freakshow of a dictatorship and has nothing in common with real socialism. China and Russia are ashamed of N Korea.


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