Are You Fuxn Kiddin’ Me?

High Summer Season here at the Cape. I just don’t feel it. And not because of lack of tourists, that isn’t to be expected any differently during a planetary pandemic. But look at the grey sky, look at my wet windscreen. This would be just the typical, weather in our old hometown of Hamburg/Germany … but we aren’t in Hamburg but on the usually superduper sunny shores of Africa. Soooo …. what the fuk is this?


  1. IKR! The weather here in New England is pretty messed up! We hardly had any snow so far! I’m bummed because I love skiing both downhill & cross-country, I’m not a fan of “made” snow but I guess I can cope since there are way more weighty world issues then my disappointment (it makes me sound childish!) over quality skiing, right? More pressing issues like: the global warming, political climate & the pandemic. 😦 I’m praying for good changes in 2021! Hugz my friend!

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    • Yes, I always thought complaining about the weather is only for people wearing inappropriate clothes. That was before I had a camera and a blog. =^.^= Now complaining about the weather is fun! πŸ™‚ We’re in fuxing locky downy, so I don’t have much business playing outside in the rain and mud anyway.

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