MiniMax News

Talked to the Computer Repair Lady this morning. She has ordered the parts, and if I want her to assemble the computer I can bring it in tomorrow morning.

YAY!, fukn yay! 🙂

Of course I started immediately packing up all my computer shit … why?

Left box: MiniMax ready to be filled up with brand new AMD goodnesses. Right side box: A wild collection of old and older computer spares and scraps, we always planned on handing over to the CRL. Maybe she can use it, or if not she’ll have at least much better ways to dispose of the stuff than we do.
Still need to pull the SSD out of GagaMore and put it into MiniMax. Unfortunately I can only do it tomorrow morning, since I can’t find the 500GB hard drive that was originally in GagaMore. 😮 And we’ll need the little compi all thru today and tonight. At least I got it prepared in so far that I’ll only need 3 mins to take the SSD out and put in in one of the boxes.

Holy fuk! 😦 Where is GagaMore’s fukn hard drive? Can not disappear just like that now, can it?

Until 10 minutes ago these 3 shelves where choke-ful of computer spares I always wanted to get rid of. Now everything’s in the garbage or in the box that goes to CRL tomorrow. \o/ YAY!\o/

All shelves are emptied now … hard drive is still missing. 😦

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