Feren OS vs Linux Mint

I never really cared about ferenOS in this blog. Dunno why exactly. Maybe coz I thought it’s just a clone of Mint or had problems installing it or something. But I can’t discuss away that it has a big and strong community.

And it’s supposed to have even more functionality than Mint … right out of the box!

For me the main difference between Mint and feren is that the latter is running on the nifty KDE/Plasma desktop now. So if you’re a bit bored with Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce why not take feren on a little test ride?

Oh wait, Tom just did, so you don’t have to. 😉

Today on our edition of DistroWars, we will compare FerenOS to Linux Mint. Which of these distros is going to be the best for the new Linux user? We will look at ease of use, available options, and UI. Both distros are based on Ubuntu. Linux Mint created the popular Cinnamon desktop and Feren OS now supports KDE Plasma. See how these two distros measure up. #LinuxMint #FerenOS #DistroWars

00:00 Introduction

03:48 FerenOS

13:10 Linux Mint

20:11 Conclusions

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