Corona Diary: Day 292

Morning, fellow Corona fighters!

While outside the 2nd wave quickly makes room for a 3rd wave 😮 we also get to suffer the effects of said 3rd wave. When I wanted to enter the gym this morning the bouncer lady told me they were full to capacity and if I had prebooked a session. Else they couldn’t let me in. 😦

Prebooking my time in the gym? What are they thinking? Do I look like a 19 y/o smartphone junkie? Booking the gym??? I wouldn’t even know how to ffs!

Virgin aholes!

Fortunately the Foodlovers Market next door serves as my trusty purveyor of dietary needs. Nobody tries to keep my ass outside, quite the contrary: Every time I stumble thru the entrance door, some security guard generously spritzes both my paws and the trolley handle! So I don’t feel too bad handling unprotected naked fresh produce. Let’s see how long they’ll be able to keep the self-service bar open before they have to revert to prepackaged portions of everything. 😐

But whom am I telling all this? Typical for Corona lockdown and my stupid mindset, I still think my situation is so super outstanding and exotic, I must be the only person on earth bearing the brunt of this epidemic. Intellectually I know y’all are sharing my experiences and almost the same circumstances … only you’re stuck in sastrugas and snowy hell while I “enjoy” summer. 😦

Apropos “outstanding”, you guys lately had a look at Reuters? Lemme quickly show ya …

Outstanding exceptionalism perfectly demonstrated by America as they lead the free world once again in pure numbers! Look, they even got the dirty sweaty shithole India and the fukn democratic Russia. and fellow fascist Brazil beat. What about the newly appointed nemesis China? Their numbers are so small they are meaningless!

Total and complete Victory for the US!!!

Now that I was bouncing off the club and couldn’t even hit the showers I’m gonna do an exceptionally long shower session in our private African Health Spa. Because cleanliness is next to godliness and cleanliness also means less virae clinging to our bodies so we’re more healthy n shit.

I hope you guys are keeping your bodies clean and pleasantly smelling as well, sanitize everything you touch and stay super duper healthy. Peepelz, we’re now in this shared mess since 10 months already, and I guess most of you are still healthy – or at least not showing any symptoms – so don’t let down your guard now. Please I beg you! It’s one thing to lose readers because they hate me, it’s a totally different quality of bad to lose readers because they are dead. 😦

Don’t do that!

Cya laterz? Pleez say “Yes!”



    • A bit scared is good, Neil. No paralyzing fear but being a tiny bit scared when other people enter your social distance area or when you gotta take stuff others touched before you is natural and helpful.

      It’s like when you go on a sailing trip: Know that the ocean is sooooooo much much bigger than we are, and a thousand times stronger … a force of nature! So of course we don’t crap our pants – we wanna enjoy the sailing trip – but we show respect for the sea and prepare ourselves for all possible emergencies. Don’t fight the storm but live with it, adapt to it, surrender to it. Wear your bikini 99% of the time … but know where your harness and PFD and the life raft is and how to deploy it. And all will be fine and joyful.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I hate food and cooking and hate social games even more, but ok, Tina, following you now. 😉

      Any deeper meaning behind the 4 – 5 “Follow” buttons in your blog?

      Liked by 1 person

        • If there is one thing I hate even more than social media, it is people who shroud themselves in mystery and aren’t straightforward with boring phishing stuff I can hardly bring up enough interest to watch in the first place.
          You, dear, failed. 😐



            • So it was supposed to be a puzzle, ya? You build puzzles into your blog’s functionalities? You sure you’re not just trying to scramble for some meaning or an excuse?All I see there is some manipulative personality doing social gaming.
              Oh, and I never run, I just decided to only use one of your countless and utterly useless subscribe buttons. I usually don’t have time to care about foodblogs.


              • And no need to visit my page anymore.
                I thought you might be another blogger but I don’t like people who doesn’t care my work.
                That was just an invitation.
                If you hate food blog that much, you should have simply ignored my invitation. I don’t have time for people like you


                • “And no need to visit my page anymore.”
                  Oh, why? When you post a new recipe I’ll have a look at it if you don’t mind.

                  “I thought you might be another blogger”
                  That I am. I own a blog, I post between 1 and 6 times each day. That defines me as a blogger. But I don’t just send our random invites to random people. That would be abrasive and bad behaviour.

                  “but I don’t like people who doesn’t care my work.”
                  I don’t know your work, only your blog, which seems to be fine. I just don’t care to read about food.

                  “If you hate food blog that much”
                  Fuk! Are you stupid or sumfink? I don’t hate food blogs, I just don’t care about them. Don’t put words in my mouth or try to interpret them.You’re not good at it.

                  “you should have simply ignored my invitation.”
                  See, I’m much too polite to just ignore invitations. Although yours was honestly a bit strange, so out of the blue without even knowing me or ever talked to me before.

                  “I don’t have time for people like you”
                  LOL, now you’re trying to shoot me down with my own message to you. I just didn’t say it as harshly as you but just hinted on my lack of interest in foodblogs and social gaming. If you had some sensibility you would’ve sensed already after my first answer that I’m not an easy victim for your silly games.


      • Like hubby. He knows how much I hate Indian food but was oooh and aaaw and “I know what you gotta make for breakfast tomorrow”.

        And I was like “Yuk Foo darling!”


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