Race Day 1 wih Bandit 25R at St Aubrey

Tuesday: a great race with 11 B22 finished out of 14
Thursday: in second race all finished in a close race
Friday restarts all over SL
That made us all very optimistic for a great race. Dahlia and Lucy joined me on our new B25 course at St Aubrey with 21knots wind from North East.

from left to right: me, Dahlia and Lucy (picture by Sanja)

Hakiria, Sanja, Nathalia and Victoire watched the start from the Marina and followed us during the race watching and cheering.

good start of us 3 with full speed (video by Hakiria)
Dahlia and Lucy follwing me at buoy OE (picture by Sanja)

But on the way to buoy CN the desater began… Dahlia crashed and only Lucy followed me.
After Degrand Island the desaster part II happened and Lucy crashed. She came back and was looking for her boat but found only a relic of windsurfing trainings days.

one of our relics from trainings days (picture by Lucy)

I have no idea why just i had no script errors, calm crossings and actually no issues at all. So see my lonely finish under the applause of all others.

My lonly finish watched by our spectators and the crashed Dahlia and Lucy (video by Hakiria)

What can i say more than “it was a shame”. The course is a little more challenging than the one at TrYC and more interesting and I hope we will get soon some more racers again to have exciting races again.
I know some were caught in RL these days and some of them have technical issues with their internet connections. But i am very optimistic they all will come back in near future to join us again.

I thought long about the result for this race and decided it was a “dead race” and no points for anyone. The year will have more than 40-45 races and there will be enough opportunities to collect many points for our yearly championship.

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you all again next week

hugs and kisses


  1. Frikkin’ shame! 😮

    Maybe you should invite a Linden code monkey to have an eye on the xings when they happen and when the racers crash for no apparent reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    • when i come with a problem then they nearly always ask if that happens on the sl viewer as well. But hell the sl viewer doesnt let the USB work properly because they dont allow RLVa. So why the hell shall i try to sail in SL Viewer.
      And sorry but with this ignorance i dont have much trust in their help watching our crashes…

      Liked by 1 person

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