The New Flying Fizz!

Bianca told me about the Fizz being remodeled/rescripted a while ago. I, as a life-long Fizz-ignoramus, wasn’t too interested in it and promptly forgot who’s clever head is behind the renovation project.

But at least I know now that Bianca already made some paintjobs for the new, meshy, hull. Look:

I love that new design with the hangry shark. Can’t wait to see the latest technology sails. 😉

And good to know that in TrYC we have/had at least two very talented maritime designers in Bianca and Laured. Bianca had her shop always outside of Triumphal and Laured found a new home at Dutch Harbor. Or maybe she had a dependance there already, don’t know.

Anyhoo, if you’re one of those, of the Fizz die-hards, check for newest developments at Bia’s Painted Dreams.


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