Guys, read this! The fairytale world of American Democrats. 😉

Uh, sorry Karen, a Putin will take care of you as soon as one becomes available. Which may be never.

WTF is wrong with America? Dems or reps or otherwise. There are currently 195 countries on this planet, one of them being the United States of America. And, yes, in the western hemisphere they grabbed some kind of a leading position. They are undoubtly an empire, even trying to establish a hegemonial status.

Too funny. Everybody who follows world politics knows since 1917 already how America ticks, what gives them their alleged power and where their factually rather small area of influence ends. Sorry to break it to you, my American fríends and readers, but contrary to what you might think neither Putin’s, nor anyone else’s thoughts are circling around America all the time. Virtually nobody but some loser politicians cares about how to best serve/annoy America or even wants to be friends with the USA. For example Putin: He has a gigantic country to administrate and represent to the rest of the world, so does the Chinese guy, so do all the clever presidents and state leaders.

Johnson, Merkel and Macron might act as if they care, paying lipservice, pledging loyalty n shit. We, the little people, we don’t give a shit. Yes, America is a good show but that’s it. For example the storm on the capitol was splendid entertainment and even made a blogstory on Thar She Blows! … for about 5 minutes. Now we turn our backs and let you sort out your own fukn problems. It’s boring af, annoying at best.

I just asked hubby: He tells me he thinks about America maybe 5 minutes/day, and I think that’s already too much. We think about European countries even less. Not even much more about Germany and South Africa. It’s boring and tedious! Nobody’s mind should be occupied by thoughts about national constructs at all. Particularly the United States. They are far away and of no interest or influence on our daily lifes.

Sorry American guys, that’s how it is!

And anyway, how would Putin influence some right wing MAGA assholes to storm your capitol? I bet he’s universally hated by those guys, if they even know who he is. I doubt any of them are reading or watching Russia Today; they are trapped inside their own little zealot minds so how can they fall prey to his propaganda?

America once dreamed about ruling the planet … now they can be happy if they are allowed to play with the other kids. Of course only if they promise to behave and not cause a ruckus! 😐


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