Windsurfingrace Day 1 with Sea Boss Rider at Saint Aubrey

We had yesterday our first windsurfing race day at Saint Aubrey with new courses in a new area. Normally its very calm there and the 14 boats on Tuesday approved that. But yesterday was one of these rough days and a lot things happened.
Race 1: Lucy crashed, but couldnt finish. Larry crashed twice and still finished. Sanja had a viewer crash, rezzzed a saved boat with racewind and finished.
Larry and Sanja werent registered at their brave finish in the first race, because something during the crashes must have happened with their board ID. Larry rezzed a fresh one, Sanja trusted the information of the windcompass and i didnt check her board…
Larry was registered in second race and Sanja wasnt. We tested last night all kind of crashes and ways to leave a board and resit and it did always what it should. The only crash we couldnt really simulate was the viewer crash.
Result of all this: I have to check boats before a race more seriously again and cant only trust the windsetter messages i get (i might miss one) and the racers should ALWAYS rezz a fresh boat for a race after a crash and never use a saved one from after an older race. No matter what the logic of boat scripts say.
Race 2: we had a couple of script errors and frozen animations, but no crashes

But now back to the race actions:
We sailed yesterday our normal course 1 with 2 laps for warming up and our normal course 2 with north wind and 25knots.

Sanja, Lucy, Adeli and Larry joined me in the first race

The position of the race line 90° to the winds we use gives all a fair chance to start with full speed and the right timing parallel. This increases the excitment already at the start and continues though our fast courses.
Adeli and i had a very close duell through both laps and i could manage to keep her 4 sec behind me, while the others as already explained had lots of issues.

Viv joined us additional for the second race

In the second race i started a little too optimistic and had to go back for a second start while all others started with full speed within 7sec. I saw their dots 150m in front of me all close together until buoy ON.

impression of one of our fulls speed legs

From there Sanja and Adeli sailed a bit away from Lucy and Viv.
Larry isnt yet very experienced with frozen animations and slowed down more so i could pass him. Sanja finished just before Adeli and won. Viv nearly passed Lucy on the line but Lucy managed to be registered just the blink of the eye before Viv

the photofinish of Lucy and Viv

… and me and Larry followed a bit later.

Here are the results:

1: 2021-01-07-St AR – SBR – 1 – N25 :

1: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:10:26
2: Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Race Time: 0:10:30-7 points
3: Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Race Time: XX:XX:XX, crashed twice and finished-4 points
4: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Race Time: XX:XX:XX ,crashed but Finished-2 points
5: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Not Finished-1 point

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:01 – Lap 1: 0:05:17 – Last lap: 0:05:08
Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Start: 0:00:00 – Lap 1: 0:05:24 – Last lap: 0:05:06
Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Start: 0:00:00 – Lap 1: 0:00:34 – Last lap: 0:08:47
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Start: 0:00:16 – Lap 1: 0:05:20 – Last lap: Not Finished
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:20 – Lap 1: 0:05:23 – Last lap: Not Finished

2: 2021-01-07-St AR – SBR – 2 – N25:

1: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad- Race Time: XX:XX:XX, no line register, but best surf- 8 points
2: Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Race Time: 0:16:24-5 points
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:16:44-3 points
4: vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Race Time: 0:16:44-2 points
5: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:16:47
6: Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Race Time: 0:17:16-1 point

Lap Times:
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad- Race Time: XX:XX:XX, no didnt register, but best surf
Adeli Panthar BSb673 – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:16:17
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:01 – Last lap: 0:16:43
vivipezz Resident BS42d3 – Start: 0:00:04 – Last lap: 0:16:40
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:29 – Last lap: 0:16:18
Naked Rumrunner BS8c62 – Start: 0:00:04 – Last lap: 0:17:12

Standing overall St AR 2021 SeaBossRider Championship (after 2 races):
Sailor – points – number of races
Adeli – 12 – 2
Sanja – 10 – 2
Larry – 5 – 2
Lucy – 4 – 2
Viv – 2 – 1

I tried to design course for close, fast and exciting races and the plan worked well, besides the technical issues we had. That makes me very optimistic for the windsurfing year at Saint Aubrey and i bet one day we will laugh about those crashes and technical issues and will only enjoy the “heart-attack” actions during our races.

Stay all safe and healthy and see you next week again.

Hugs and kisses


  1. “racers should ALWAYS rezz a fresh boat for a race after a crash and never use a saved one from after an older race.”

    Isn’t that standard procedure? I guess I’ve never ever taken any boat back in inventory after usage. No matter if racing or cruising. Delete the crap and rez a fresh one at the next occasion.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Whoa! Congratz on this jubilee, Bianca. 100th blog = 100 races RDd and reported!
        I guess the general SL sailing populace should be happy to have the eager (ex)TrYC powergirls to take such good care of their racing needs.
        And I, as former TrYC High Cheese, am happy to see, and grateful, that the club is in such good hands after my retirement.

        Liked by 1 person

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