Corona Diary: Day 289

The Chinese are adorable! You gotta hand it to them. They had a new breakout, * 200 infected persons in Hebei province capitol Shijiazhuang … and immediately called a total lockdown on 11 million citizens, closed all the roads, schools and kindergartens, cancelled 80% of all flights, and cut transport routes.

Wanna bet how long it takes them to get the situation under control? I say not longer than 2 months max!

How are things on the homefront?

Very good personal news: Hubby’s duty to report to the community sister in Hamburg is suspended to June 31, maybe even longer if the situation doesn’t get better until then. That’s 5 more months here where the world is still kinda ok. Suits us quite fine as it makes this time the longest period we’d every stayed in SAfrica. I mean we’re already here since 1.5 years, so our return trip will only be after 2 years … earliest. Sorry for everybody else … but \o/ YAY \o/

But to be honest, I’m secretly hoping for the fukn German beaurocracy to finally see reason and say: “Know what, Mr. Hubby, your lovely wife is taking such good care of you, we won’t give you any more appointments. You can stay wherever you are.”

Hey, one can dream, no?

You kidz keep safe, okay?

Cya laterz


* 200 infected pupils is the average number in German schools. But they keep it quiet so life can go on and hardworking parents have a place to park their kids for some hours. 😮


    • Thx Meri.
      Yes, wearing for me, as I’m sitting on packed bags since months … well, mentally, ready to jump on a plane at shortest notice. Hubby was very relaxed the whole time and told me to take it easy. Men are rermarkably stable and unfazed by stress symptoms. He told me the Germans are, like, totally overstrained with the Covid situation and their beaurocracy is crumbling and they won’t ask us to jump thru burning hoops.

      And he was right. The public health insurance have kinda given up on calling their sheeples home and hubby’s administrator just mumbled something about end of June … she appeared to be swamped and unnerved.

      Because nobody knows anything. They or we or we all might be in the next lockdown by then, and flights cancelled and all that fun stuff. And the health insurance knows exactly that putting hubby, who’s in a high risk group, in a plane with 400 strangers is detrimental to his health. So in order to prove how well he’s taken care of, we make him sick!

      I don’t think so. Not on my watch! 😐

      Hope you’re doing reasonably well and your gov’mt isn’t in a state of uncontrolled panic, and the thin blanket of civilization is still holding up.


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