Some Peoples’ Kidz …

Look at this random guy:

The nerve of this guy. Totally shameless. 😦

And, here is a Golden Protip for you, Guiado: Don’t ever make deals with the American leadership! They will hang you out to dry or throw you under the bus at the first sign of trouble. Or when you’re not a good useful idiot anymore. Or if you’re sitting on rich oil fields. Remember Saddam Hussein? Lost his sex appeal and ended up at the gallows. You don’t wanna be a second Saddam, do ya?


    • On the day you said it I put it in my collection of quotes and other sayings and nonsense I adorn my blog with. I use them one after the other and it was yours to show up now. 😉


  1. And Trump had said that supporting Guaidó was a bipartisan decision…😔 Clearly a lot of things will change now, and the US will go back to tolerating and even working with the Venezuelan dictatorship under Maduro. 😭

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    • Maduro was democratically voted by the people of Venezuela. And they love and support him. Hardly a dictatorship. Guaidó was not elected, he’s nothing but a CIA strawman.
      Sorry Catherine, no cheap stolen oil from Venezuela for you.


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