It Gets Better and Better! :(

Gloating over the defeat of democracy and his own country! 😮

Peepels of the blog (Americans better look away now),

I dont know if this is the beginning of the end, one of the many beginnings of the end or if they will just brush over this incident. BUT! One thing should be clear, even for the most pro-American, the most Atlantic Bridge fanatic here: America is a shitshow! We can’t believe a single word any of their politicians and secretaries say any longer. We all’ve seen how the house of cards they built for the purpose of stealing Iraq’s oil, crumbled and fell down, we all know how they started or restarted wars on Korea and Vietnam, on Afghanistan, Syria … and soon Iran?

All based on lies.

And none of them even helped the American populace. Quite the contrary. America is a feudal quasi-aristocracy, where the very few profiteering from the hard toiling masses. And it doesn’t even matter if the president is Rep or Dem, they will always do as their corporate overlords tell them. The little itsy bitsy difference between them were constructed a long time ago, so the little people have something inside their very limited grasp, where they can engage in and be happy when “their” candidate becomes president.

In reality nothing will change!

What does this mean for us, the rest-of-the-worlders? From today on, if you haven’t been aware aready, please take anything you hear from America with a grain of salt. Inform yourself, make your own decisions. That’s pretty much all we can do.

People of Europe, our politicians are in on the game, they receive their marching orders from D.C. They are corrupt as all hell and we can’t expect them to stand up against America. We only have the power to keep our eyes wide open, and don’t play their game. To see all the propaganda for what it is, to not buy American products, but support Syria, Iran, Hungary, Serbia and other unsexy countries. For they are purposely misunderstood by our Western media, threatened by the US, and are fighting a hard fight against the systematic ignorance!

Friends, sooner or later America will implode or explode … but don’t expect them to go with a whimper and a prayer. It will be a very ugly thing when they go! So everybody please see to get yourself into a warm and dry place, far away from the corridors of power!

And then let’s all enjoy the *Big*Fat*Apocalypse*Show!*


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