Corona Diary: Day 288

What’s going on in the world, apart from America big show drama? Today I’ve got two stories for you, one positive news and one sad family drama. What you wanna hear first?

Drama of course! 😦

He was socially much too active to survive a pandemic. 😦

I hope they took Dineshren’s parents in right away and didn’t let them get away! They have contracted Covid-19 with 100% probability!

Sandra said they had received messages of condolence from Naidoo’s friends in countries including India and Canada.

“I am now coming to learn of how many lives my son had touched.”

What did I say? If you wanna survive you don’t need other humans … for the first time in your life maybe. But hey, don’t make me feel sorry or like a mean old hag, for saving your life. 😐

Second news is a good one I guess:

1.5 mill dabs for 60 mill SAffas. Come everybody get your fills!

\o/ Hooray! We’re all saved now! \o/

Okeee, guys you know I don’t trust any vaccines … not yet. They are promoted by politicians and officials who wanna restart the economy, not necessarily save your life. But you know how to save your own life, dontcha? The good old-fashioned way of course: Stay the fuk away from people! Become a hermit if needs be. Don’t go out for nonsense, eat healthy, keep clean, sanitize and all what’s good for you!

Don’t be like Dineshren Naidoo. Rather be like you!




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