Biden victory confirmed after four die amid Capitol riot

… and nobody cares. At least me, I don’t give a wet fart about that sad spectacle.

I don’t like the BBC News but at least they are not 100% American yet.

Does Orca have a comment? Yes, actually too many to count right now, so I’ll let the professionals of the international media do it for me:

As I said: A friggin’ shitshow!

‘Building for decades’

Even for those not necessarily unfriendly to America, the incident shows serious rifts in society that Trump’s departure won’t address.

It is “a spectacular demonstration of frustration that has been building in the USA for decades,” says one commentator in Poland’s conservative daily Rzeczpospolita.

“Behind the façade of plastered smiles… and phrases about ‘the best country in the world’ lies the drama of a gigantic income gap, society in which more and more people struggle to make ends meet, while the few do not even know how many billions they own.”

Okayyyyy, there are too many news coming in now. Me gotta sign out …

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