Second Life Destinations – Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA)

Another well-meaning but doomed to fail attempt to save the dead SLEA regions …

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Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA), in partnership with Linden Lab (LL), launched January 1st, 2021. It provides grid space for the creative advancement of virtual arts in Second Life (SL).

There are a total of 9 regions in place, two of which serve as a walking “connection bridge” symbolic of SLEA connecting to art venues across the grid.

Grant awards currently take place twice a year. We were pleased to receive wide representation from the arts both in terms of genre, style and nationality. All applicants were accommodated with space during the period of the first launch.

In residence are Harry Cover, Jaz & Briony Writer, iSkye Silverweb, Jennifer Steele, Joseph Nussbaum & The Sway & Dance Troupe, Marea2007 Praga, Melodie Heart & Barry Richez, Pearl Hyacinth, Regi Yifu, Tiggy T. Omega, Vaneeesa Blaylock, Viktor Savior and Wizardoz Chrome. They will be followed by d-oo-b & Kalyca McCallen, Rage Darkstone, Serra Qendra & Anelime Lubitsch, Seta Rosea, Suzen Juel and TerraMerhyem, from either March or April.

On arrival, the visitor can expect quick access to a HUD experience which enables ease of travel around the regions in addition to a teleport network. The Landing Pod provides a view over a Performing Arts Center, Arts Education and Innovation facilities, Machinima Land, and the dPod where SLEAs archives are located for all to peruse. SLEA is a process of evolution, what you see now is not a static vision of its future.

For more info, visit:

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