EzArcher Linux

EzNix is a curious guy with his own YouTube channel about Linux. He also makes nifty distros as a one-man show. Started on Debian but makes now Arch distros like a cool kid. He also thinks I’m a bitch. Don’t ask me why. :/ LOL Anyway, he just released a new version of his EzArcher distro. It uses the Mate desktop environment, so my ears perked up immediately. =^.^=

Why o why do people always think I’m such a monster, or a review capacity or sumfink? Anyway, I downloaded and installed ezarcher 2020.12.30 on the spot!

Download and installation went like a dream. No problems there. After installation I was greeted by the most basic bitch Mate desktop. Total freedom to customize or a fukn pita, you decide.
Since I know what I want and how to get there quickly, 3 minutes later my desktop looked almost functional.
Htop shows how lean the system is. No wonder, there is nothing running on it yet. 😉
Initial update goes flawless … and why shouldn’t it? Eznix mainly made an installer for a vanilla ArchLinux + basic desktop, and he did it so very well. Everything else is in the Arch devs’ hands.
Checking the interwebz. No problems here neither, as was to be expected. 🙂

What shall I say? EzArcher does one thing, and it does that one thing very well. This is a fine distro for when an installer is really all you need. EzArcher makes even Endeavour look like a fat old lady. If otoh you’re not too well versed in the command structure of Arch, you would want a tiny little bit of preinstalled luxury as EnOS offers. I’m a housewife, not a geek, so I gladly take the luxus. 🙂


  1. It’s been a minute since I booted up a Linux Desktop. In the past, I did it as a hobby for testing purposes. I’m a command prompt junkie, having compiled programs from source. Happy Linux-ing. Tally-ho!

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    • I’m just a user, and like most girls I treat my computers like glorious kitchen appliances. What I’m looking for in a Linux OS is ease of use and political correctness. Fortunately the terminal is often the more elegant and quicker solution than graphic applications.

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    • My test was cut short by my own fault. I just don’t know the needed commands to get the AUR … but I need the AUR to switch to the cool Brisk menu and installing some other stuff. No prob for a real Arch user, a knockout for me. 😮


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