Corona Diary: Day 286

Guten Morgen liebe Leute!

05:40 a.m. and I’m not even here yet. I mean my body is present, my mind is dunnowhere. So just a quick look at the news …

30,000 is quite some people, no?

Know what I find most enraging about this statistic? Most of those 30,000 death could have easily been avoided! If people could behave rationally for a couple weeks … at least when it’s about their own survival. But no! We wanna party! We wanna visit granny at Xmas! We wanna attend the huge NYE bash down by the beach! *Cough cough* Oh sheet!

Have a look at the recovery rate. Wasn’t it at over 90% at the beginning of the pandemic? And now down to 81.9%. I dunno what you’re up to, I’m gonna stay put, in my own house, and only go out for groceries and other essentials.

I know this makes me a bad American. But then … hey, I’m not even American. Not at all! I can save my own life without suffering any social stigmata, I can just ignore the peer pressure. Coz I’m an adult pretender. 😉

Now for the vaccine rollout …

I’m usually not an anti-vaxxer, not a religious weirdo or conspiracy theorist but I dunno if I really wanna receive the jab when and if I become viable for it. The speed in which all the vaccines have been developed and the haphazard ways our world leaders are dealing with the situation makes me sceptical and weary. It’s nothing but blind activism and virtue signaling. In most western countries they used the down-time to introduce more anti-democratic laws and measures, and upped the surveillance. And now they’re asking me to trust them with a life-saving vaccination?

Yuk foo, politicos!

You guys do your best to survive, ya? You don’t need a vaccine for that, just basic procedures as we do them since 9 months now: Stay clean, sanitize, don’t rape – or be raped by – strangers, eat your veggies and stay home!!!

So we can say “cya laterz” again tomorrow. 😉

(remote) xoxo


  1. Quick comment… haven’t read yet: Today’s news was not only that a 4th state has the UK covid variant but that the SA variant is faaaaar more contagious than the UK one. And no one knows if the existing vaccines will work against it. I started double-masking before NYE. STAY SAFE!!!!!

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